Orthopaedic seat cushion for Sciatica

Orthopaedic seat cushion for Sciatica

What’s Sciatica?

Sciatica is a medical condition in which pain emanates in the lower back and goes down the sciatic nerves in the legs. Vertebrae’s are cushioned with disk-like connective tissues, which, over the years may get worn out due to age or injury, causing a herniated disk. Herniated disk builds upon pressure around the vertebrae and hits the sciatic nerve; it often causes tingling or numbness in the back of the legs.

The chance of getting hit by sciatica increases due to constant and prolonged sitting like driving for long duration or job that lacks mobility. The best way to deal with sciatica is to find the best cushions for hip pain.

Cushions for relieving Sciatic Pain

  • ERGO-Pedic Coccyx CushionThe ergonomic design and shape of this cushion give relief from hip pain and release pressure from the sciatic nerve. The memory foam seat is firm enough to retain its shape and sponginess to support heavy weight. The U-cut shape for supporting the tailbone supports to maintain a healthy posture while travelling.

    The cushion comes with a lifetime guarantee and its cover is machine washable which makes it handy. ERGO-Pedic is one of the best cushions for hip pain designed especially for those who are challenged by the sciatic pain.

  • TravelMate Gel-enhanced Comfort Seat CushionTravelMate Gel-enhanced Comfort Seat CushionThis coccyx orthopaedic seat cushion is very innovatively designed using gel and foam for providing optimum comfort. The gel layer moulded on top of premium quality foam helps to reduce pressure on the tailbone and hipbones while sitting and promotes spine alignment.

    This cushion is very helpful in treating sciatica and tailbone injury. The zippered cover is easily removable and washable.

  • Dr Tushy Memory Foam Seat CushionThe orthopaedic design provides ultimate relief and comfort from sciatic pain. The coccyx cut out shape allows the tailbone to float and releases spinal pressure. The memory foam helps relieves hip pain and improves blood circulation in legs.

    Dr Tushy is one of the most recommended cushions for hip pain by orthopaedics and chiropractors. The cushion is covered with a washable fabric which makes it easy to maintain and use in car, office or at home. The cushion is also equipped with an adjustable strap to keep the cushion in position and prevents slipping down while using as car seat cushion.

  • PharmeDoc Orthopaedic Seat CushionThis cushion has sports memory foam embedded in it and has a tapering design, which aids to reduce stress on the lumbar region and coccyx. The coccyx is elevated, preventing any direct impact of sudden vibrations or jerks of the vehicle during long journeys.The rear cut out the design of the cushion improves seating posture and relieves hip pains and backaches which eventually cause sciatica.

    The cushion is portable and can be used as a pillow on the seat almost everywhere; the product is also backed by lifetime manufacturer warranty.

  • Compile Coccyx Seat CushionCompile Coccyx Seat CushionCompile seat cushion is fabricated with premium grade memory foam which is highly efficient to treat back pain or sciatica. This cushion can be used both on chairs as well as on car seats to reduce stress on your lower back whenever you sit.

    The U-cut design helps lift up the buttocks and allows the tailbone to float enhancing circulation throughout the back and legs and preventing numbness. The cushion cover can be removed and washed when feeling dirty, also, the company offers a money back guarantee if it’s unable to cater to your need.

Thus Concluding…..

The best seat cushions for hip pain are available at affordable prices with various qualities and features. The researchers are rigorously involved in developing innovative products to treat sciatica and other spine related problems that happen to occur due to inappropriate seating posture or unhealthy lifestyle.