Best seat cushion for long distance driving

Best seat cushion for long distance driving

Long distance driving – seems pretty adventurous but is not easy as it sounds for those who are professionally into this routine like truck drivers and delivery guys. This involves long hours of driving in a posture which is stressful on the spine and lower back. To ease out this issue and make long distance driving more comfortable not only for professional drivers but also for those who wish to take a break from their tiresome schedule and go for a recreational drive, cushioned seat covers based on ergonomic design have been developed to provide lumbar support and relief from back issues.

List to choose from

Following are some best seat cushions for a long drive:

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion

Aylio Coccyx Seat CushionThis is a specially designed seat cushion with a cut out to support your tailbone and de-stress the lumbar vertebra and pelvis as you sit during long drives. The cushion helps you to maintain the correct posture and evenly distributes the body weight all over the base, thus, relieving you from any kind of back pain.

The cushion also prevents your back from sustaining any injury and absorbs the impact of the vehicle’s jerks and bumps that the shock absorbers fail to encounter. The cushion is made up with high-density foam and ergonomically designed to support the buttocks by even weight distribution. The cushion is fully portable; it can be used anywhere including your car and indoors like an office chair or at home. Also, the seat cover can be easily removed and washable when you feel the need.

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Luxury Cushion

Everlasting Comfort cushion also has the tailbone cut out feature as Aylio Coccyx model; made up of memory form which allows it to mold to the body shape of the user as it warms up.

Due to its attribute to get back in shape, heavier customers pointed out that it does not flatten under heavy weight but stays supportive and its wider base helps to accommodate all shapes and sizes. Alike Aylio model, Everlasting Comfort also comes with a washable cover which makes it handy.

Besides, its ergonomic design satisfies the customers with lower back and disc issues. As the cushions add height to the seat, it helps to relieve leg numbness by releasing pressure off the back legs and aiding to better blood circulation throughout the legs while you enjoy your drive.

Clever Yellow Seat Cushion

Clever Yellow Seat Cushion for cars is wedge-shaped with similar tailbone cut out. This specially Clever Yellow Seat Cushiondesigned seat cushion elevates the seating height by 3 inches thereby slightly tilting the pelvis to prevent strain on hips and back. Clever Yellow is well equipped with a strap for attaching the cover with the seat to keep the cushion in place.

The cushion is ergonomically designed using 3-layer technology that does not let it flatten with use and the foam is covered by a mesh material which makes it breathable and also washable.

Conformax Gel Car Cushion

Also called the “Cocoon of Comfort” is well designed to provide full support to the legs and back. The Gel Layer embedded in the cushion keeps the seat cool during long hours of driving and hot weather.

Conformax comes with dual straps, one of which is to be attached to the headrest of the car and the other one around the bottom of the seat to keep the cushion intact while driving.

So these were some of the top trending seat cushions that are designed to ensure relief from backaches make your long drives enjoyable and safe.